How this works...

An artisan is a way of being. We can decide to become one, whatever we do, have done, want to do and at whatever stage of life, we find ourselves. Becoming artisanal is an expression of individuality.

For the next twelve months, a small number of us will work together, sharing what we are noticing. Discovering and learning from each other and building connections with others who are treading similar paths. At the end of that time publish what we have learned.

We will meet online for a few hours a month, turning our observations into ideas, and ideas into experiments in practice.

To get us started I will put together a short newsletter with ideas and articles every Friday, which we can use as a vehicle for discussion. I suggest one "fixed" shared discussion for up two hours once a month, plus other impromptu ones as opportunity and need dictate.

January will be dedicated to discussing what being an artisan means to us, what we want to get from the experiment, and what we want to contribute. Once we understand that, we'll get going and shape it as we go.