The New Artisan Network

Artisanal is a way of being. We can decide to become an Artisan, whatever we do, have done, want to do, and at whatever stage of life, we find ourselves. Becoming artisanal is an expression of agency, individuality and purpose.

Since the beginning of 2020, a group of fifty people, from very different walks of life, from Accountants to Veterinarians, and from the Armed Forces to Writers. In locations from Australia and South Africa to California and Canada.

We have been meeting regularly to explore what it means to be a "New Artisan". For our work to be our signature, and a key part of our identity. To pursue mastery in it for its own sake as much as the financial rewards it brings.

That first phase is now complete, and we are opening up what we have learned to those who want to shape their work more than having it shape them.

Our aim is simple - to learn from each other as we pursue mastery of our own work, and to support others as they start doing the same.  

Right now, we are focused on four areas:

  1. Our professional and personal development, learning from each other as well as authorities in the field of learning and development.
  2. Enhancing the communities we are each part of, and linking those communities to each other.
  3. Exploring the potential of our capabilities and businesses to support and develop regenerative practices that address the ecological and climate challenges we face.
  4. Developing and improving our skills in hosting and facilitating great conversations and deep dialogue that build trust, creativity and community.

Join us as we help each other shape our futures and the societies we live in.

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