New Artisans

Artisans are those who turn the spirit of the times into form. Stonemasons who built the Pyramids, Stonehenge and our Cathedrals. Philosopher Scientists challenged our way of seeing the world, from Plato through Copernicus to DaVinci to Einstein. The Engineers who gave us the Industrial Revolution. All these movements started with Artisans whose curiosity, persistence, and dedication started the movements that changed civilisations. We can sense their presence from their work, no matter how long ago.

We are at such a time now. The next ten years will see our workplace transformed. Much of the routine work we do in accountancy, law, sales, data and image analysis, and any other areas that respond well to being converted to data will increasingly be done through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Today, we need New Artisans; those who are working to understand the implications, bring the new into being, infuse it with humanity, help build thriving communities and leave their signature through their work.

New Artisans is a project to explore what it means to be a modern artisan - those people who will harness, rather than resist the changes underway to enhance the way we live and work, and the legacies we leave.