About Us

Richard Merrick

I have been working with those I regard as artisans all my working life. Those people whose commitment to their vocation, whether in the private or the public sphere makes them natural leaders.  Their commitment to what they do, their curiosity about it, and their determination to contribute put them at the centre of the myriad small changes that collectively move mountains over time.

The times we are in needs artisans - not just those who create things with their hands, but those who craft and share ideas about things that matter.

Ever since the Enlightenment, Artisans have been at the heart of change. They bring the new into being, and even though they often fall victim to mass production cheap mediocrity, they pursue their craft in search of Mastery.  Individually, artisans are as important as they are often low profile.

My work is to serve them - to evoke the artisan that exists in all of us, to enable them and connect them in pursuit of what we need now. Doing the hard work of going beyond the shouting, to shaping the areas in which they work and live.


Steve Done

Stephen Done – I started my career as a scientist and engineer (too much meccano as a child).I spent the middle part of my life, 23yrs, in industry and management, building and inventing things. Of late I have trained as a coach, and I now helps people and companies be their best through creative means. I have a Hanovarian horse who teaches me much on communication and leadership.