Morning Jonathan

Thank you. Hope all is well.

I’ve come off LinkedIn to focus on better conversations with fewer people- to look at posts less in terms of shallow volume and more in terms of community connection and ripple effect.

I have a sense of social media- LinkedIn included as something of a black hole. People shout into it and feel better for a while, but nothing comes back, so they have to keep shouting and in so doing feed the algorithms.

It will take a while to get a real view, but first impressions, both on how it focuses what I write, and responses, feels to be in a good direction.

Look forward to catching up….


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I think that we had already lost many of those human transactional connections before digitisation of everything. Society has become slowly more transient, fragmented, disconnected and it's rare that we would have known the name of the person serving us petrol or groceries. What's important is the deliberate maintenance of deeper bonds between us.

I'm also reminded of Frank Zappa's views on this "The computer can't tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what's missing is the eyebrows."

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Love this, Richard.

If this were a LinkedIn post (is it?), I would repost with a comment or two of my own - and the pic of the unlaughing robot.

For me this beautifully articulates what is one of THE issues of our time.

I’ll be in touch :-)

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