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Weekly Journal

Postcard from the Edge

Weekly Journal

Postcard from the Edge

Postcard from the Edge

For the everyday Heretic in you….

Weekly Journal

Postcard from the Edge

Postcard from the Edge

Six Days In.

Zoom Call Reminder

Postcard from the Edge

A Postcard from the Edge


Staying in Touch

Travelling Companions

The Way It Is

Neither Leader nor Follower.


Meandering, Myths, Legends, and Truth



We are not our Qualifications

Easy is not the Answer

Leaving is not deserting.

The Heretic

Packing Thoughtfully

Packing for the Journey

Time out

After the 13 Questions

Going Solo

New Artisans - the tools we use...

Influence and New Artisans

Where Next?

New Artisans, and the Power of 13 Questions

“First Wednesday” catch up

How will New Artisans create Legacy?

New Artisans - enjoying the process?

Would you sell what you make to your friends and family?

Is New Artisans Inevitable?

New Artisans - is it truthful?

New Artisans, and the language we use

New Artisans - Something of Quality?

New Artisans - can it be Elegant?

New Artisans - Can it be joyful?

New Artisans - is it useful?

New Artisans - Is it Regenerative?

New Artisans - Is it Transformative?

New Artisans - Does it Matter?

Artisans. An Industry of One.

The Artisan, Improvisation, and Compromise.

The Artisan Network

Artisans and "Change".

"Artisanal" is not about Marketing

Creators, Commentators, and Consumers

The Desire Path

Zoom Reminder

Artisans and Infrastructure.

Keeping the Edges Sharp.

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Artisans, Professionals and Leaders

New Artisans Journal

The Artisan Lifecycle

Artisans and ideas

Artisans. Intelligence is more than Data

Enclosures as Catalyst

The "Unenclosed" Artisan

The Artisan and Connection

The Artisan and the "Third Place"

Artisans and Interference

Artisans and The Art of Recovery

When the familiar breaks.

Artisans and startle.

Unplugging the Artisan

When does the Artisan leave the Building?

The Chemistry of the Artisan

Artisans and Heretics

The Power of Sanctuary

Zoom call

New Artisans Journal

Technology, Feedback, and Joy.

Artisans. No Drums, No Trumpets.

Artisans and Tides

Artisans, and the Motive Power of Havoc.

Artisans and Homeless Creativity

Artisans, and The First Rule of Uncertainty

The big "Yes"...

Course Correction

"Like this".....

Patina vs. Dullness

Value over Time

Scale versus Relationships.

Education, Learning, Discovery…

Artisans don't do Self Service.

Beautiful Business

Artisanal Conversations

Artisans - Avoiding the Formulaic

The Artisan and Resilience

The Shadow of the Artisan

The Artisan. Leadership by Poetry.

Artisans = Values > Rules

The Necessary Outlaw

Introducing Ourselves

Freedom and the Artisan

Artisans. Afloat, not Adrift...

Artisans, Trespass and Productivity.

“Power to Weight”

Alchemy and the Artisan

The New Artisan Narrative

Reminder - Zoom tonight with Peter Geoghegan

Reminder - Zoom with Peter Geoghegan

Artisans - The Price We Pay.

The Fluid Artisan

Artisans - catalysts on the journey from metrics to meaning.

Sometimes, diaries fall apart...

CHANGE OF DATE - Peter Geoghegan

Inspiration for the weekend

Artisans. Found in Transition?

Artisans. The work begins with who we are.

A Discussion with Peter Geoghegan

The Future of Craft in the Western Luxury Market.

The Artisan and Rites of Passage

The idea of a "Life Task"

Strategy and the Artisan.

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Zoom Catchup

The "Chrysalis Phase" of the Artisan

Zoom problem

Reminder - Zoom with James Gairdner

Age and the Artisan

The New Artisan Archipelago...

Passing Insights

The Artisan's Daimon

Zoom Reminder - 1st Feb

Artisans. Finding Gold.

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What does your Sliver look like?

Artisan Business


Developing a craft environment

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Zoom Call Reminder

The Making of a New Artisan

New Artisans in 2023.

New Artisans Chat